The Demand & Urgency for Wolf Conservation


American Expedition believes in the importance of the perseverance of wildlife, including one we find near and dear to our hearts: Wolf Conservation! According to the International Wolf Center, in the contiguous 48 States, the gray wolf is said to occupy only 6 percent of its former range. In the States unfortunately, many of the former habitats to these wolves are due to human encroachment. While it is reported that the population does seem to be slowly climbing, it is still important to note that many Americans are anti-wolf, and one of the biggest threats to their survival is human encroachment.

International Wolf Center

The Center

The Wolf Conservation Center is a great resource for teaching people about wolves. It is also educational to their relationship to the environment, and the human role in protecting the wolves’ futures. Founded by Helene Grimaud in 1999, the IWC is a not-for-profit. It is an organization that works to educate, organize, protect, and reserve the lives’ of the wolves. Each ambassador resides on-exhibit where they teach the vital role of wolves in the environment. By speaking on conservation, ecological balance, and personal responsibility, they hope to open a new conversation about how to help.

Throughout the year, the center has special events held to help raise money for the wildlife. From Photography Sessions with Wolves to the Run Like a Wolf: 100 Mile Challenge, be a part of the solution and join the center today! To learn more about the center and how to join, go here.

The Center believes that the survival of wolf populations will thrive by teaching our peers and students about wolves, their relationship to the wildlands, and the human role in their future.

More on Wolves

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