Camo Christmas – Top Camouflage Decor & Gifts

Ever wonder how Santa can fly around the world to every single house and never be spotted. We know how. Despite popular belief, St. Nick doesn’t actually wear a bright red suit that could be spotted through even the smoggiest sky. He actually wears camouflage. Santa loves camo. He even calls it “camo-claus”. How do you think he catches all those magic deer?

Anyway, here’s a list of camo decor and gifts that make great Christmas gifts… 

Camo Collection Coffee Mug Set

Camo Collection Coffee Mug Set

Price: $45.96 $32.17
Build yourself a new camo coffee mug set featuring some of your favorite wildlife. Choose from seven designs including black bear, deer, moose, wolf, and elk. The deer mugs also comes in pink and orange camo. 

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Camouflaged Deer Luxury Queen Heavy Plush Blanket

Camo Deer Plush Blanket

Price: $59.99
Snuggle up to nature with a super soft plush camo blanket. Also comes in black bear and wolf, as well as pink, orange, and brown camo. 

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Camo Wind Chime

Price: $39.99
Just like the wind, you can hear this camouflage wind chime but you won’t see it. Just kidding. This awesome wind chime looks great and sounds great. 

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Mossy Oak Camo Lamp

Camo Lamp

Price: $119.99
This lamp probably shouldn’t be on this list. Not because it doesn’t fit with the camo theme (of course, it does), but because it typically sells out very fast.

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Camouflage Toilet Seat

Price: $64.99
Show your love with a toilet seat. 

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White Camo Stainless Steel Tumbler

White camo steel mug

Price: $22.99
Stainless steel tumblers are all the rage right now. Don’t drop $50 on a plain stainless steel tumbler, because at American Expedition they’re half the price and twice as stylish.

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Camo Black Bear Wall Clock

Price: $34.99 $24.49
Have a friend that’s always late to the deer stand? Drop a not-so-subtle hit with a camo wall clock. This style also comes in whitetail deer, moose, and wolf. 

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Deer Camouflage Playing Cards

Price: $2.37
Need a stocking stuffer? You can’t go wrong with playing cards. Unless the stocking is extra small, then the cards won’t fit.
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Camouflage Hunting Mailbox

Camouflage Hunting Mailbox

Price: $78.99
We’re sure you have at least one person who has a mailbox on their Christmas list. These are extremely versatile gifts, able to store both letters and small packages. 

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Camo Whitetail Deer Travel Mug

Price: $9.79
Need a gift for someone who is always on-the-go or even someone who is only sometimes on-the-go. Well, this camo deer travel mug is perfect for the hunter who is always or only sometimes on-the-go.

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“In Memory Of” Camouflage Blessings Woven Blanket


Price: $65.99
Embrace warm thoughts and warm mornings with a woven camouflage blanket with a heartfelt message: “Your life was a blessing, Your memory a treasure…You were loved beyond words And missed beyond measure.”

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Team Realtree Belt Buckle

Team Realtree Belt Buckle

Price: $10.19
Help your hunter show off their love of one of their favorite brands (after American Expedition, we hope). Most of our belt buckles are currently 40% off. 

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