Traditional Vs. Modern Cabin Interiors

Classic versus contemporary. Old versus new. These two styles have been competing within the interior design world since the first caveperson decided that living in holes was out of style. No matter how hard they’ve tried cabins haven’t been able to stay out of the argument. While most people aren’t clamoring to live in a little house on the prairie, the classic, old school look and feel is attractive to many. Recently, there has been a trend of combining the traditional and modern cabin styles to create a rustic chic aesthetic. Check out the two cabin styles below and let us know which way you lean in the comments.


Typical traditional cabins are formed with real, virtually unrefined, pieces of the wilderness itself. No two individual logs are the same, and no area of the surface will look 100% similar. The interior and exterior walls are formed by the same thick logs. While you can’t necessarily customize with color, you do get to choose the type of wood and also have the option of different stains which can drastically increase the darkness of the wood. But most people who choose to build a log cabin see and understand the beauty in the unaltered.



Modern cabins, on the other hand, keep the exterior and interior walls separate. This enables them to opt for the more flat wood paneling for the walls and ceilings. Because of this, they are a bit more customizable than the traditional cabins are. They allow for a cleaner, more symmetric look. The 100% truly natural look is squandered a bit, but they are beautiful nonetheless.

Whichever you prefer, I think everyone can agree that there is blissful beauty present in both styles and they are a wonderful sentiment to the great outdoors!


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