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It’s an undeniable truth that nature has the power to heal. For those dealing with health troubles and those struggling with everyday life, spending more time outdoors, becoming one with the natural world, can be therapeutic. For more than 30 years, an organization in Colorado has been dedicated to taking advantage of nature’s healing ability to help the mobility-disabled, as well as at-risk youths, reconnect with the outdoors.

Outdoor Buddies was founded in 1984 by Sid Sellers and Sam Andrews. Back then, its main focus was providing therapeutic recreational opportunities for patients suffering outdoor buddies huntingfrom spinal cord injuries. Today, the nonprofit organization has expanded its programs to help all people with mobility disabilities. It has also created a youth program that provides outdoor educational and recreational opportunities to at-risk youths.

There are multiple programs devoted to bringing outdoor experiences back to nature lovers, including a hunting, fishing, disabled veteran support and youth programs. The hunting programs includes a number of hunting activities including big game. The fishing program helps mobile-disabled people enjoy lake and stream fishing, fly-fishing and ice fishing. Through the Outdoor Buddies, disable veterans can connect with nature through big game hunts, fishing outings and special events such as Warriors on Cataract rafting trips. At the private campground at Tarryall State Wildlife Area in Park County, at-risk youth groups, as well as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, boys and girls clubs and other groups, are given opportunities to participate in a wide range of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping and archery.

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Incredibly, Outdoor Buddies is completely volunteer-run. 100% of the money collected through fundraising and donations goes to the programs. Officers and members of the board of directors are unpaid. However, there are certain expenses, like insurance, that cannot be avoided. If you’d like to learn more about Outdoor Buddies and make a donation, feel free to visit outdoorbuddies.org today.



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