The Perfect Gift For Your Bigfoot-Obsessed Friend

No matter the occasion, you need a highly-specific themed gift. Don’t stress, because we have a few linked items below that are perfect for any major Bigfoot enthusiast.

1. Bigfoot Statue

16” Tall Bigfoot Statue
16” Tall Statue at

Standing a total of 16 inches tall, this premium statue is the perfect unique gift for your conspiracy-obsessed friends. Honor this mystic creature by gifting this statue and visit our retail website. For more details or how to purchase, visit here.

2. Bigfoot Blanket Socks

Bigfoot Blanket Socks
Blanket Socks at

Start your day off on the right foot with these blanket-style, Bigfoot-inspired thick socks. Crafted with a 3-to-1 blend o acrylic yarn and stretch nylon, this moisture management technology is designed to keep perspiration away. The stretch feature also allows the socks to return to their original state each time you wash them, making them a perfectly comfortable fit every time.

Dangly Bigfoot Ornament

Dangly Bigfoot Ornament
Dangly Ornament at

This handsomely-adorable dangly ornament is a year-round treasure for any Bigfoot fanatic. Catch a glimpse of the so-called “myth” as he hangs from your tree, review mirror, or even acts as a decoration at the cabin! He is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces as they visit your place.

Bigfoot Signs

Bigfoot "Hide & Seek World Champ" Tin Sign
“Hide & Seek World Champ” Tin Sign at
Bigfoot Metal Welcome Sign
Metal Welcome Sign at

If there was ever a sure-fire sign your friend needed more mystic decor sprinkled throughout their home, it was these. These rustic cabin signs can be both heartwarming, or hilarious. Whether you consider him to be the “Hide & Seek World Champ,” or the simple message is to, “Never stop believing,” we know they will LOVE these thoughtful and unique Bigfoot gifts and home decor from American Expedition!

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