10 Cabin Decor Items That Have Fishermen Hooked

At American Expedition, we’re hooked on fishing cabin decor. As a bastion of high quality decor and gifts, we have an eclectic line of items featuring a boatload of different fish – largemouth and smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, salmon, walleye, crappie , catfish, and marlin. Take a look at a number of our top kitchen, bath, and home decor products and see if anything catches your eye.

1. Fishing Reel Toilet Paper Holder

This bestselling toilet paper holder is an absolute must-have for any cabin or lakehouse.

2. Fishing Reel Coaster Set

Protect your tables and counters and do it in style. Features 4 coasters and 1 holder.

3. Fishing Lure Shower Curtain

Yeah, water is great for fish, but not for your bathroom floor.

4. Fishing Trash Can

Add some ice and this tin trash can could double as an ice bucket

5. Tail Walking Wrapped Canvas Art

Features the breathtaking beauty of the original piece at a fraction of the price.

6. Fishing Luxury Queen Plush Blanket

Being wrapped up on the couch with this blanket is second only to being out on the boat.

7. Fish Wind Chime

It chimes every time you wish you were back on the lake.

8. Largemouth Bass Stoneware Coffee Mug

One of our top selling coffee mugs. Perfect for the mornings before going out on the water.

9. Fishing Reel Salt & Pepper Shaker

Salt and pepper shakers are one of the most overlooked items when decorating kitchens.

10. Rainbow Trout Wooden Cabin Sign

Comes ready to hang in your garage, man cave, cabin, bait shop, boat house….

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